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The Downtown Porsche Team

Helen Ching-Kircher

Helen Ching-Kircher | Dealer Principal, President & CEO

Helen Ching-Kircher is Dealer Principal, President and CEO of DFC Auto Group. As the company's senior executive, Helen ensures the highest standards in sales and customer service are upheld for DFC's discerning clients.

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Dr. Peter A. Kircher

Dr. Peter A. Kircher | Sr. Vice President

Dr. Peter A. Kircher is the proud Sr. Vice President of Downtown Porsche. He has been leading the Downtown Porsche team since the time of its formation. Dr. Kircher’s number one mandate for the dealership has always been to provide top-quality customer service to everyone and anyone. His belief is that people are the key to achieving success. It is for this reason that he believes so greatly in his team and ensures that Downtown Porsche continues to grow and focuses on bringing in the best talent.  

Constantine C. Siomos

Constantine C. Siomos | Sr. Vice President of Operations

Constantine Siomos is the Sr. Vice President of Operations. He has made a career in automotive sales and service, with a 35 year plus career at DFC Auto Group. Constantine ensures the smooth and efficient running of the dealerships and is the point executive for liaison with the large and capable Downtown Porsche team. Customer satisfaction is Constantine's credo.

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Ken Tsui

Ken Tsui | Assistant Vice President of Operations

Ken Tsui is Downtown Porsche’s Assistant Vice President of Operations and is honoured to be working alongside his parents who have built a great franchise over the past 3 decades. He is excited to be able to carry forth their values & philosophies within the organization while focusing on approaching new challenges and finding innovative solutions to the ever-changing automotive business landscape. Ken holds a Hon. Commerce Degree from McMaster University and was a top graduate of the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College. Prior to switching gears into the automotive industry, Ken spent 15 years as a VP in the fast-paced world of investment banking and wealth management. Ken's favorite Porsche at the moment is the new Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid for its many redeeming qualities including its duality in driving as a luxurious family-friendly vehicle and a track-ready sports car all at once.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Nick  Rajewski

Nick Rajewski | General Manager

Nick Rajewski brings with him over 20 years of Porsche experience, where he has held various executive positions with PCL/PCNA, and for the past 2 ½ years as General Manager of Mark Motors in Ottawa. His portfolio includes every department of a dealership as well as most of the departments at the manufacturers level. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Chris Plater

Chris Plater | General Sales Manager

Chris started with Downtown Porsche in 2004. He leads the sales team with an evident love for Porsche and Porsche Motorsports. Chris channels this passion by designing and managing all Downtown Porsche Performance Driving and driver education programs. When it comes to discussing the people of Downtown Porsche, the team and the customers, Chris radiates with pride. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm on both sides.” The most important strength Chris believes he brings to the team is keeping the energy high amongst team members. While Chris isn’t overseeing engaging dealer events and interactions, he spends his time playing guitar in a rock band, motorcycling, skiing and travelling the world. He has been privileged to drive some of the World’s greatest roads – Hwy 1 San Francisco to LA, the Simplon pass in Switzerland, the Passo dello Dolomiti in Italy, Lugano to St. Moritz, and the Stelvio pass from Italy to Switzerland. If he were to head on a road trip at this moment, it would be the Stelvio Pass again.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Ab Hamid

Ab Hamid | Pre-Owned Manager

Ab has held his position of Pre-Owned Manager at Downtown Porsche since 2014 and has several years of experience in the automotive business. With a background in computer science, Ab decided it was time for a change and, thanks to a suggestion from a friend, never looked back. For him, the best part of the job is interacting with customers and finding the car of their dreams. Specifically, the Porsche of their dreams. In his spare time, it’s all about family time and cheering on the Jays and the Leafs.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

David Cameron

David Cameron | Business Manager

David Cameron has nearly two decades of luxury automotive finance experience. Attention to detail, along with great listening skills, allow David to create customized financial solutions unique as our clients. He imparts great enthusiasm for developing options that make sense. When first joining Downtown Porsche, David had the opportunity to experience Barber Motorsports Park and subsequently Porsche Camp4. This convinced David, like it would many of us, to drive a Porsche all the time. Away from business, David is an avid collector of contemporary art as he holds two fine art degrees.

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Amanda Sarju

Amanda Sarju | Assistant Business Manager

Amanda has been with DTP for over 3 years now and has been a great addition to our team. For her, the highlight of coming to work revolves around the people Downtown Porsche attracts...dynamic professionals who are equally passionate about the brand. She often refers to the sales team she works with as "the brothers and sisters I never had".

Amanda has a penchant for trying the latest and greatest restaurants, even though she loves to cook at home.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Derek Chen

Derek Chen | Marketing Manager

Derek is one of the newest members of the DFC Auto Group having recently joined on in 2018, he's hit the ground running and has become a valuable member of the team in just a short time. Derek is also no stranger to our company and to the automotive industry itself, with strong roots in marketing roles at Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc., McLaren McCann (Momentum - XM - General Motors Canada) and GMR Marketing (Nissan Canada, Audi Canada, FCA, and JLR Canada, Smart Car / Mercedes Benz Canada).

Derek is a well-versed automotive marketing expert who has led national campaigns for many of the top brands in the industry for over a decade during his career so far. His strengths are primarily in the realm of experiential marketing, social media, and digital media and he stays current with marketing trends and innovation through a number of publications and website he reads on the regular. Derek's favourite Porsche actually consists owning of a trio of cars, namely a 911 GT3 RS in Carrera White, a Cayenne S in Black and a Panamera 4S in Chalk.  

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Alain Tan

Alain Tan | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Alain has been with Downtown Porsche since 2013 and looks forward to interacting with customers in either English, Cantonese or Mandarin. Alain joined us with a hospitality management background but explains that the jump has been easy because of the phenomenal Porsche brand. “The brand gives a lot of knowledge to back you up because they want us to understand the product inside out. We’re not here to push you to buy car, we’re here to assist you in buying one.” Alain is a large fan of the Porsche E-Hybrid technology and loves his own Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Aside from Porsche, he is a big soccer fan. He holds season tickets to Toronto Football Club and has been a committee member of the Unionville Soccer Association for 12 years.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Antje Grey

Antje Grey | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Antje has been a member of the Downtown Porsche family since 1998. Needless to say, she is an expert in all things Porsche. Born near Düsseldorf, Germany, she has always been fascinated with performance cars. Antje loves every part about working at DTP highlighting that the team, the product and the customers are why she has been a Porsche Brand Ambassador for 18 years. Her favorite part is watching customers’ eyes light up when they are buying their Porsche. “To be a part of that experience is very special.”

Outside of making Porsche dreams come true, Antje follows European football, spends time with her 4 boys, and cruises on her motorcycle. If she were to head out on a road trip right now in her Cayenne, Antje would explore Western Canada.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Jean Pantelidis

Jean Pantelidis | Porsche Brand Ambassador

With 14 years of automotive experience under his belt, Jean, or “JP” as he’s known around the building, is ready to provide nothing less than exceptional service, in English or Greek, for the brand that excites him. As a past Porsche owner himself of a Boxster Spyder (and looking for the next one), it’s no surprise that JP brings passion to all of his client interactions. He would also be more than happy to provide a wine recommendation to celebrate the purchase of your new Porsche as he is a licensed sommelier. In case you’re wondering, the Boxster Spyder remains to be his dream Porsche and, in addition to the Cayman, is the Porsche that best represents him. Why? Because it’s small, lightweight and agile just like him.   

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Johnny Lorenz

Johnny Lorenz | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Johnny is a Downtown Porsche veteran having been with us since 1997. Having grown up in Stuttgart, Johnny has a longstanding connection to both the automotive industry and Porsche. His roots and experience have aided him in holding the distinguished title of #1 European Delivery Specialist in Canada, so if you’re looking to take possession of your Porsche in Europe, Johnny would gladly help set you up with an experience of a lifetime. The model he enjoys assisting customers with the most is the GT3 RS because of the amount of customization that happens. Subsequently, it is also his dream Porsche to take home. Outside the world of Porsche, Johnny snowboards and mountaineers whenever and wherever he can, which has taken him to Chile and Argentina most recently.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Michael LeDrew

Michael LeDrew | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Michael is an avid car enthusiast and has been representing Downtown Porsche for just over 7 years. His first jump into the automotive sector was washing cars part time while in school. After completing his degree, Michael decided to continue working in the industry he has passion for by joining the Service department. Now, being a part of the Sales team, however, has brought Michael the fun challenges he thrives on through speaking to a wide range of customers with different needs.  While also being extremely customer oriented, Michael brings to the table all the technical knowledge you need to know when purchasing your Porsche. In his down time, it’s all about his 2 children. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Stephen Woolley

Stephen Woolley | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Stephen has been with the Porsche brand since 2004 and is honored to represent the world’s best sports car brand. If you’re visiting us from across the pond, come see him as he speaks the Queen’s English fluently. Stephen comes to work excited everyday thanks to the combination of a wonderful team, great client relationships and an incredible brand. “You can form proper relationships with clients here because the brand is so emotion-based.”  If he could take a Porsche home right now, he would choose the Panamera explaining that the executive vehicle is in its own class given its high-performance, look and technology. Driving like a sports car, but exemplifying the size and characteristics suitable for a family, makes it perfect for Stephen to take his wife and young daughter around in. On the other hand, if he were to hit the open road right now, it would be on Route 66 in an open top Porsche. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Wilson Xiao

Wilson Xiao | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Wilson is a proud Porsche Brand Ambassador who has represented Downtown Porsche for 4 years. He is a very passionate Porsche owner and loves to share his experiences about the world of Porsche with every customer fluently in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. So it’s no surprise to us that Wilson enjoys driving his 2017 Porsche 911 and 1987 Porsche Targa. The greatest sports car ever built by mankind! Wilson’s ties to the automotive industry started all the way back in high school when he took on a co-op position as a technician and eventually, through hard work, transitioned to become a sales specialist. His need for speed is also evident outside of the dealership. During his spare time, he loves riding his Ducatti Panigale in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

William Wu

William Wu | Porsche Brand Ambassador

When William was growing up in China his family was running a luxury automotive service and body shop - and this is where his passion for cars all began. Porsche has always been one of those dream cars for William and from that point on he knew one day he would be part of this great brand.

Prior to joining Downtown Porsche William spent several years with other German brands but finally his life long passion led him here.

In his spare time William enjoys  travelling, experiencing new restaurants, playing Gitoni, fishing and snowboarding. Williams absolute favourite Porsche is a 911 Targa GTS.

William is fluent in English and Mandarin. Call him today and start your journey!

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Jack Schwan | Porsche Pro

Joining us as our new Porsche Pro, Jack brings a tremendous level of enthusiasm to our team. Upon completing his degree at the University of Toronto Jack decided to pursue his passion for Porsche.

Having recently completed his training at our Head Office in Atlanta at the Porsche Experience Center, in his role he will be performing the majority of the vehicle deliveries. Also he will be our in-house technology expert for features such as Porsche Connect and Infotainment systems.

One day Jack hopes to be able to drive his own Porsche, ideally a Boxster Spyder or a GT3.

Downtown Porsche is proud to have Jack on board as we grow into the future.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Khalil Khan

Khalil Khan | Service Manager

Khalil is Downtown Porsche's Service Manager. With a career in the automotive industry spanning some 29 years, he is knowledgeable about every aspect of Porsche cars. A consummate professional, Khalil is guided by strong principles of client service delivery and customer satisfaction. He is adamant that Porsche clients enjoy their vehicles, and he and his team guarantee that clients' cars are serviced to the highest standards that Porsche prescribes. In his off time, Khalil enjoys barbequing in his back yard.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Greg Baxter

Greg Baxter | Workshop Manager

Having been a 3-time Ontario Karting Champion and 2-time Formula 2000 champion, Greg could give you the proper driving tips to enjoy your vehicle. When not discussing racing, he is making sure all our clients vehicles are ready on time.


Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Adrian Vallejo

Adrian Vallejo | Assistant Service Manager

Adrian has been in the automotive industry for over 23 years and during this time, he's worked with some amazing people and brands. He is very proud to be part of Downtown Porsche, and very happy to work with the talented team we have here. With the values and philosophies of such an amazing brand. Adrian is driven to servicing our wonderful clientele, and as well, to owning a 2018 Porsche Carrera GTS one day. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Silvana Scanferla

Silvana Scanferla | Appointment Coordinator

Silvana is a key member of the Service team ensuring that all operations, from appointment scheduling to our valet service, runs smoothly. She has been with the Downtown Porsche family for 8 years and continues to love doing what she does because of her coworkers stating that being part of a knowledgeable team makes everyday enjoyable. When she’s not solving customer issues, Silvana spends her time working out, reading and spending time with family.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Alex Ho

Alex Ho | Service Advisor

Alex Ho is an experienced Service Advisor with about 10 years of automotive service experience under his belt. At the core of it all, Alex is a devoted motor enthusiast who  enjoys staying on top of all the latest news and automotive trends through publication subscriptions (print or online). He is, of course, thrilled to be working for the Porsche brand because of its iconic status and the type of people it attracts – those who really love to drive. The 911 Turbo S is his dream Porsche as it’s an “all-year/all-weather” legendary supercar. He is also a huge fan of the Panamera Sport Turismo noting that it would no doubt be the Porsche vehicle he’d choose to take on his planned road trip to western Canada.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Michael Kwiatkowski

Michael Kwiatkowski | Service Advisor

For as long as Michael can remember, he has always loved cars, so it was only natural that he followed his passion which has seen him finish his studies in Automotive administration. Having spent his last 10 years in the Luxury market was the cayalyst for Michael joining Downtown Porsche and he appreciates each and every day working with Porsche Vehicles.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Robert Carroll

Robert Carroll | Service Advisor

Robert has spent his life in the service business and says he is still learning new and better ways to serve our clients. His dedication to providing the best experience for all of our customers can be seen in the wonderful testimonials Robert consistently receives. It is evident that Robert is a true car enthusiast in just a simple conversation. In addition, he spends his time outside of work thoroughly involved within the automotive community. 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson | Parts General Manager

Christopher is our Parts Manager. With over 22 years of Porsche experience, Christopher is a dedicated Porsche enthusiast. Leading a dedicated staff of factory-trained Parts Advisors and overseeing an extensive inventory of genuine parts and Porsche Design Drivers Selection inventory, Christopher is committed to offering all our customers products of the highest quality and he ensures that they are able to indulge their passion for Porsche.


Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Oliver Meneses

Oliver Meneses | Parts Manager

Oliver is the leader of the Parts team and has done so with Downtown Porsche since December 2015. He has always had a fascination with cars and has spent all 12 years of his automotive experience in the department that provides the pieces for a vehicle to come together. For Oliver, working for a brand with an incredible heritage and with people who prove to be as passionate about cars as he is, makes coming into work enjoyable everyday. On the weekends his life revolves around spending time with friends and family. Nevertheless, Oliver’s ideal road trip would consist solely of him, a GT4 and an open road to the East coast of Canada – for lobster, of course.

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Darryl McLennon

Darryl McLennon | Assistant Parts Manager

Darryl has been dedicated to driving the Porsche Passion with Downtown Porsche for just over 2 years. Committed to the high standards of customer service, Darryl is a proven asset to the Downtown Porsche Team.

“I love being at the top of the luxury brands with Porsche.”


Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Peter Zhou

Peter Zhou | Parts Consultant

Peter has been with Downtown Porsche for over 4 years.  Peter is always willing to assist customers where needed.

“I love Downtown Porsche because of the people.” 

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Steven Finstein

Steven Finstein | Parts Consultant

Steven’s fascination with cars started as an adolescent and naturally got his start in the automotive industry early as well at the young age of 16 years old. Before moving into the Parts department, Steven was a certified technician and brings a great deal of knowledge to his role. His technical background has allowed him to excel in the role of a Parts Consultant seen through the ease of communication with customers and the workshop team alike. Outside of work, Steven’s major hobbies involve snowboarding, biking or working on his summer car. Steven is proud to work for a brand with such unique, high-performance cars and looks forward to assisting you with any questions you may have about the components of your vehicle.   

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email:

Aubin Pereira

Aubin Pereira | Parts Consultant

Phone: 416.603.9988 • Email: