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Driver Development Program 2019 - Open Day


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Monday July 29, 2019 – Canadian Tire Motorsports Park


Welcome to your Driver Development Day at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park…..This day is reserved exclusively for Downtown Porsche clients and their very own Porsche’s, and is designed to improve your understanding of advanced driving techniques, and improve your ability to execute these techniques with proper car control.






We will begin with a brief introduction to the course outline and the rules for the day, then we go right to driving exercises and on-track activities. Vehicle dynamics exercises are designed to hone your reaction skills and car control, and your ability to navigate our Gymkhana course will be tested. Then just before lunch we will all convene in the classroom for a review of what we’ve learned, and to examine the theory behind it. You will be able to better relate to the subject matter presented based on your experience during the driving exercises.


After lunch we will gather in pit lane for a group photo, then it will be on to the track…..and alongside in the passenger seat, every step of the way, will be your personal Performance Driving Coach. We will be there to provide constructive feedback and input in real-time as your techniques become sharper, and proper vision tracking habits become second nature.


By the end of the day, your driving habits and skills will have dramatically changed and your awareness of how driver inputs affect overall vehicle balance will be greatly increased.

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Q.       Is this a “racing” day?

A.       Absolutely not. It is a driver development day, and even passing on the track is strictly controlled. Safety is priority 1.


Q.       Do I need any previous driver development or track experience?

A.       NO. This day is designed under the assumption that you are not a professional driver and might not be familiar with the techniques and terminologies used. If you are new to this, or have very little experience on track, then this is the ideal day for you. It is also an ideal “refresher” course for those who have not done this in a while.


Q.       What if it’s raining?

A.       The day runs rain or shine. The only exception would be if the weather conditions cause any safety issues. If weather conditions change while already at track that would compromise safety, the day will be stopped until conditions improve.


Q.       Will I be on track alone?

A.       No. Whenever you are lapping on the track, a Performance Driving Coach will be in the passenger seat riding with you. On other driving exercises like the dynamics sessions, you might be alone in the car.


Q.       Can I bring a friend or spouse.

A.       Yes however this is an invitation only day and is reserved exclusively for participants. Only the participant will be allowed to drive and take part in the course. Any people you bring will be in a “spectator only” role. There is also an additional fee of $50 for each person and all track waiver forms must be signed in order to gain entrance to the track and track area. We do not encourage bringing any extra people along as you need to be 100% focused. If you do bring a guest they WILL NOT be permitted to ride in the car with you.


Q.       How do I get there?

A.       Please see the attached map and directions.


Q.       What do I need to bring?

A.       Please bring these items as they are requirements:

           1. Valid Ontario Driver’s License.

           2. Your Porsche with the gas tank full.

           3. Proper driving/running shoes.


           We also suggest you bring these items for your own convenience:

  1. Sunscreen and/or a hat and sunglasses.
  2. Comfortable clothing – dress for the weather.
  3. Remove all items from the interior of the car. Do not bring anything in the trunk(s) that you will not need as we will ask you to remove it once at the track.


Q.       Do I need to prepare my Porsche in any way?

A.       We suggest scheduling a free pre-track inspection AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the event date. Please call 416.603.9988 to schedule your appointment and mention you are booking your Free Inspection. Please note that you must be signed up for this event to qualify.


IMPORTANT – Your Porsche must be in proper condition to be able to attend this day. If your Porsche requires tires, brakes, or any other components that compromise safety, you will be required to have the repairs performed before you can attend. If you forego the pre-track inspection and arrive at the track, and our Technicians determine that your Porsche is unsafe because of tires/brakes or other items, you will not be allowed to participate and your registration fee will be non-refundable. The Safety of everyone involved in this day is the number one priority.


Q.       What if I book and pay, but have to cancel.

A.       Full refunds are available if you cancel up to 14 days prior to the scheduled event date. Any cancelations after this time cannot be refunded as staff and your instructor have already been paid for on your behalf. Payments cannot be transferred to future event dates.


If you have any other questions regarding the day, please contact

Chris Plater at 416.603.9988 or



NOTE:      Helmets must be worn while on track. You can bring your own, or we have helmets available for rent

for $25 for the day.


Schedule of Events



8:00 – 9:00am                    Registration & Tech Inspection (all cars)

                                           Continental Breakfast is Served


9:00am – 9:15am               Introductions

9:15am – 11:15am             Vehicle Dynamics sessions.

                                           Gymkhana course training.

                                           On-track lapping.    


11:20am – 12:00                Classroom to build an understanding of what you’ve just experienced.


12:00pm – 1:00pm             Lunch / Group Photo / Pre-Track drivers meeting


1:00pm – 4:00pm               Lapping sessions


4:00pm – 4:15pm               Break, refreshments, Drivers meeting.

4:15pm – 4:45                    Hot laps

4:15pm – 5:00pm               Lapping continues


5:00pm                               Certificate Presentation & Awards ceremonies                     



* schedule subject to change.







Get plenty of rest the night before

as this day requires 100% attention!

Date Posted: June 17, 2019