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Mission E Series: The Electric Porsche

Mission E Series: The Electric Porsche

By Stephen Woolley, Porsche Globally Certified Brand Ambassador

The world continues to change rapidly towards electric vehicles. Porsche, who of course has always been associated with sports cars along with driving emotion and feel, had to respond. It must have been a very difficult decision as, let’s face it, electric cars are not exactly known for feel and emotion although they are recognized for performance.

The Mission E concept was born over three years ago and continues to be developed to this day. Combining everything that is traditionally Porsche with huge electric performance, balance and handling along with practical considerations such as range and charge time is a testament to our engineers and developers.

With an estimated 500 km range and 80% charge time in a mere 15 minutes, Mission E is likely to set a new series of EV benchmarks across the industry. Porsche has also committed to a large charging infrastructure although, again, this will develop over time.

Not forgetting that some of the technology that will likely appear in Mission E has already been utilized in a number of our current and past production vehicles such as our supercar, the 918 Spyder, and currently in our Cayenne and Panamera E Hybrids. In addition, our 919 Le Mans winning race car uses a hybrid power train.

Next time we will explore some of the design and technology features in detail. The future appears to be a very exciting place for Porsche!

Date Posted: May 1, 2017