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Mission E Series: The Landscape

A billion Euros and 1000 new jobs, what could possibly justify this type of investment? You know the answer of course, it’s Mission E.

Work has already begun on the new production facility in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen and Porsche intends to make its own electric motors rather than buying in generic versions. Motors will produce 600 horse power with enormous amounts of torque available from the equivalent of 0 RPM. Mission E will have 4 seats and will charge 80% of its battery capacity in a mere 15 minutes.

As the hype starts to build around this ground-breaking car, companies such as Tesla continue to develop their ever-growing product line. At the same time, Porsche finds itself up against some tough competition from other elite sports car manufacturers with the likes of newly formed Rimac, a Croatian company already producing an 1100 horse power all-electric sports car called the “Concept S”.

Volvo has just taken the very bold step of committing to an all-electric/hybrid fleet by 2019, and while I feel that they are a little ahead of the current awareness and demand for hybrid, I admire their commitment.

More mainstream manufacturers such as Mercedes and Renault in Europe are close to launching their high performance electric cars. So although Mission E won’t be alone in the market, especially at launch in 2019/2020, with Porsche’s famous race-derived technology and engineering expertise, we are all sure it will stand out!

Porsche’s recent decision to move away from LMP racing and enter the Formula E series further strengthens the brands commitment to zero emission vehicles long term and also allows years of electric racing to develop the future of Porsche road car technology.

 The future is exciting, the future will surely be Mission E!

- Stephen Woolley, Porsche Brand Ambassador

Date Posted: August 10, 2017