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The Porsche Driving Experience

What does it mean to drive a “sports car”?

This week’s article will not focus on a traditional Porsche model or historic event. Instead, we will dive into the experience and emotions that driving a sports car evokes and how Porsche has mastered this driving experience. No other brand offers such versatile usability combined with a high-performance driving experience. Porsche ownership means that you can commute to work in the snow and then dominate a track day the following spring - this is what makes the cars so special. 

The real question is, what defines a sports car? Simply put; it is a low-profile car that is built for performance at high speed. However, there is more to driving one than just the mechanics; almost an emotional connection to the car, which can turn even the simplest tasks into a thrill. One major difference is the detail and precision of control with driving inputs and the feedback those inputs give you. A true sports car driving experience allows you to feel exactly what behaviors the car is exhibiting as you drive it. You can feel the front end of the vehicle grip as you take a corner, which gives you the ability to monitor the slightest of details about the car’s body language. Driving a performance-oriented car is like cutting with an extremely sharp knife. Each movement you make has pinpoint precision and no hesitation. This feeling of pinpoint precision is given by stiff suspension and a tighter steering ratio, allowing you to point the car exactly where you want it to go. At speed, you will feel the car slicing through the air, braking into a corner will slam your shoulders into the belts and make you feel as if your stomach has flipped. A sports car is more than just performance. It evokes emotion in the driver and passengers. Being behind the wheel of a fast car gives a sense of freedom, control and excitement. It gives you an opportunity to break your normal routine and experience sensations that are new and undiscovered. 

Although the term “sports car” did not gain traction until after World War 1, 1910 saw one of the first performance-oriented cars – the 27/80PS Austro-Daimler designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche. These are the depths of Porsche’s sports car history. They produce cars that hold one goal: be the top performing cars in class. Throughout time, the driving experience has changed; manual transmissions vanishing and power steering a must-have. Although the physical aspects of the experience may have changed, the emotions evoked from driving a Porsche have not.

Today, there are many cars that replicate a true sports cars image and claim performance standards. The term is tossed around in an open manner as a marketing tool more than as an actual reflection of the car’s ability. Porsche has remained true to their sports car DNA over the past century. Even the SUV lineup contains sport performance-oriented vehicles. That is what makes the brand so special. It meets the perfect middle ground between performance and day-to-day usability. For our staff at Downtown Porsche, we are more than happy to share our knowledge of this driving experience with you.

- Nathan Kelly, SQ1 Store Manager

Date Posted: September 15, 2017