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The Importance of Winter Tires

Experience Your Porsche - All Year Round

You didn't dream about a Porsche for years just to lock it away for months. The cold weather brings its sleet, ice and snow, leaving many sport vehicles to fall into a seasonal slumber. But your Porsche doesn't have to hibernate. The Porsche performance and handling you enjoy in the summer months carry forward into the winter season as well.

We provide the best winter tire and wheel packages perfectly suited for your Porsche. Pair that with a winter maintenance package and you will be sure to outlast the harshness of winter.

The Importance of Winter Tires for Your Porsche

Owning a Porsche sports car in Ontario doesn’t mean that you need to stop driving it once winter blows in. For Porsche, four-season driving pleasure is a top priority— in fact—Porsche even has a winter driver school called CAMP 4 for those that really want to play in the snow! Porsche’s lightweight cars are built for more than just racing—with winter tires and anti-slip systems like brake differential-- they are supremely manageable in cold weather conditions.

Your Porsche has been designed to deliver exceptional performance under the most challenging road conditions—and what is more challenging than the winter conditions in Ontario. With winter tire and wheel sets, you can enjoy year-round performance of your Porsche right here at home.

Say No to All-Seasons: Why Your Porsche Needs Winter Tires

At Porsche, the term “winter tire” is preferred as opposed to “snow tire”. For reasons of both safety and performance, Porsche strongly recommends the use of winter tires below +7 ̊C, regardless of the amount of snow or slush on the ground. It is recommended that you use winter tires due to the adverse effects of cold temperatures on rubber compounds. Special rubber compounds and tread design are central to winter tire performance.

What sets winter tires apart from other tires is their ability to perform under cold conditions. Winter tire treads provide maximum grip on icy and snowy surfaces. When temperatures drop below +7 ̊C, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires may become hard, resulting in much longer braking distances and reduced traction. Beware of “all-season” tires. No tire on the market performs well through all four seasons, especially when the temperature drops.

What Makes an N-Rated Tire so Special?

Only “N-rated” tires, including winter tires, have been tested and approved for your Porsche. And only Porsche-approved tires carry an N-rating. So what does it take for a tire design to be awarded a Porsche N-rating? As you can see from the video above and below, it’s testing, testing and more testing (which actually makes testing look like a lot of fun).

Porsche engineers work with tire company designers through the entire development process. Porsche tire designs are laboratory tested to ensure they can support the weight and power of a Porsche under all conditions. The tires are then tested at test and race tracks to ensure the new design meets Porsche’s standards for wet and dry grip, hydroplane resistance, handling and durability.

Once a tire is approved, it receives the designation of N-0 for the first generation, then N-1 and up for subsequent editions. The N-rating should be the same for all four tires, even when they are different sizes, front and rear.

Where to Get Winter Tires for Your Porsche

At Downtown Porsche, we recommend that you keep two sets of wheels and tires: one for cold weather, and another for summer.

Downtown Porsche is Here to Help

Our Porsche service specialists at Downtown Porsche are here to help you find the correct N-rated tires for your Porsche. Not only do we offer a wide range of winter tire and wheel sets to suit your model, style and budget, we offer tire storage services through our Tire Hotel. Wheel compatibility may vary depending on vehicle model and options. Please contact us with your V.I.N. for more information and to obtain exact part numbers.

Porsche Alloy Wheels

It is also a good idea to consider purchasing a set of alloy wheels for your winter tires. Repeatedly mounting and un-mounting winter and summer tires to one set of alloy wheels can chip or even damage them. If the tire bead itself is stretched or damaged with repeated mounting, safety may be compromised.

A Few Tips

Before taking your new tires for a spin, remember that all new tires require a “break-in” period of approximately 100-200 km before you attempt heavy braking or cornering. And, when driving with your winter tires in snow conditions, it is essential to keep your hands smooth and know when to let off or apply the gas.

Please ask your service advisor for details and ask about our specially-priced wheel
and tire packages
. Come in and get your winter tires to enjoy your winter the way Porsche intended!

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