Adventure Season

Adventure Season

April showers seems to be bringing May showers, but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate the long-awaited departure of winter and what it means for our free time. Get back outside where you want to be and start exploring again. These two pieces from The Racing Collection are a perfect way to start.

The Racing Collection is one of the many collections boasted by Porsche Driver's Selection. Its items feature modern designs, innovative materials and the Porsche gene in every fibre.

The backpack is a new arrival into our Porsche centre priced at $48. it perfectly folds into its inverted front pocket coming out as the little pouch seen beside it. The material is lightweight and also features reflective elements ideal for packing snacks for your hike or even that wrapped up umbrella you'll probably need in an hour.

The sturdy umbrella, which seems like a pretty essential staple these days, has an automatic opening and closing mechanism along with a windproof system. In addition to that, it has an extremely flexible sliding construction and also features reflective elements like the backpack. Needless to say, Porsche builds the small consumer goods just like their vehicles - to last.

To make sure your're protected from the rain, we're offering 15% off the Racing Collection umbrella for a limited time. 

 Contact a Downtown Porsche Parts Consultant today at 416.603.0048 to order your umbrella and backpack or order here.