Purchase Your Cold Weather Wheels Now

Don't Be Left Out In the Cold

Don't get caught up in the mad scramble to buy your Porsche cold weather wheels this year. While the temperatures are still holding up in Toronto, we all know how quick it can go from 20 degrees to 10 degrees to 5 degrees in just a few days. 

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires harden, resulting in reduced traction - even when roads are dry. You can be assured that Porsche-approved cold weather tires maintain their grip, and are N-rated. This certifies that they meet our engineers' standards for safety, hydroplane resistance, handling performance, and long-term durability.

Choose which Porsche-approved cold weather wheel sets you'll need:

Purchase your set now before inventory runs out. Speak to a Downtown Porsche Parts Consultant today at 416.603.0048 to place your order.